How to store live Lobster in the fridge

So you’ve purchased delicious Maine lobster, but aren’t ready to cook it yet. Many of you wonder how long a lobster will live out of the water. The good news is that with a bit of care and attention, these creatures will do just fine.

On a few occasions, we’ve (accidentally) stored live lobsters in our fridge for almost 10 days. Disclaimer: while we’ve done this, we suggest cooking a lobster on the same day you receive them. That’s the best-case scenario. With that being said, let’s dive into how to properly store lobster in the refrigerator in case you have to store them for a day or two. [Read more…]

What’s the Difference between Rock (Spiny) Lobster and Maine Lobster?

There appears to be some confusion around the difference between a rock (spiny) lobster and lobster from Maine. The first thing you should know is that there is a significant difference between the two. While clearly we prefer the Maine lobster, this post will show you the differences, and give you more information to purchase the perfect lobster that will suit your needs.

Maine LobsterFresh Maine Lobster

If you haven’t seen a live lobster before, there’s a good chance you think they are red. This is only after they have been cooked. Maine lobster when caught have a dark color with small hints of red (shown).

American lobster, or Homarus americanus, is a species found from Labrador to New Jersey, and can weight up to 40 pounds. It’s also known as Maine Lobster. Here’s the difference that makes Maine lobster the best:

  1. Cold Water = Better Lobster. The meat is much sweeter that lobsters grown in warm conditions. This is because the cold water keeps the meat from absorbing the salt in the water.
  2. Size. The larger a lobster gets, the less meat is in the tail. If you’ve had a lobster before, the tail is easily one of the best parts of a lobster.
  3. Fishing Regulations. Maine has very stringent regulations preventing lobsterman from catching lobster that is either too small (Minimum 3 1/4″ carapace measurements) or too large (5″ carapace measurements). This means you get the best tasting lobster!
  4. The Maine lobster has meat in the tail, claws, and body.

If you are looking to purchase Maine lobster, get as close to the source as possible. Either visit Maine, or have live Maine lobsters shipped to you.

Rock (Spiny) Lobster

The major difference between a Maine lobster and a rock lobster is the size of the claw and antenna, On a rock lobster, the antenna is much larger, while the claw is pretty much nonexistent. If you’ve ever had a Maine lobster before, the claw has the most tender meat, which is why we prefer the Maine lobster.

Spiny Lobster vs. Maine Lobster

Rock lobster is also raised in warm water, and has a seafood taste. Specifically the rock lobster comes from a family (Palinuridae) of 60 species. Certain species of spiny lobster is known as sea crayfish or crawfish. Here’s a photo of a spiny lobster.

As you can see, the antenna is very large and thick, plus there’s no large claw either. The benefit is that the tail has more meat than the Maine lobster.

These lobsters are found in the Mediterranean and Caribbean. In fact, spiny lobsters are the largest food export of the Bahamas.

What Lobster should I choose?

This is a question only you can answer. It’s all a matter of choice, so try both types, and see which one you prefer! At least now, you’ll know the difference between spiny lobster and Maine lobster.

How to Buy Maine Lobster Online – what you need to know

So there’s a pretty good chance you are looking for a place to purchase lobster from Maine online. You’ve come to the right place!

Ordering Maine lobster online is a seemingly straightforward process, but there’s a few things you should be aware of before placing your order. This post is a guide to help you steer clear from the common pitfalls that many customers encounter.

Freshness MattersBuy Maine Lobster Online

The lobster supply chain contains many intermediaries, and it all begins with the lobsterman (or lobsterwoman.) During a peak season, a seasoned lobsterman can catch nearly 2,000 pounds of lobster per day. After spending a day out on the water, the last thing they want to do is package up a few Maine lobsters, and send them to you.

You see, it’s not because they don’t care about you, but rather, they don’t have time. That’s why they sell them to the local co-op, who then sells them to a processing plant, or online to you.

In short, if you want the freshest Maine lobster you can buy, you need to purchase them directly from a lobsterman’s dock. There’s very few of these individuals, but they exist. It won’t be cheap either, so be prepared to pay.

Lobster Shipping Costs & Conditions

In my research leading up to the creation of this article, I’ve seen shipping costs range from $30 – $50 for overnight shipping. If conditions are cool, lobsters can stay alive for days on end.

Below are a few tactics that online stores will use regarding shipping:

  1. Shipping included (They will build the cost of shipping into the cost per lobster)
  2. At the end of the order (This will be calculated by your zip code)

Generally, if you have live lobsters shipped to you, they will arrive overnight via Fedex. Typically they will arrive in a box, with a frozen gel pack to keep them cool.

“Return” Policy

Typically a rare situation, a lobster may not live through the trip. This is why it’s extremely important to know and understand the “return” policy from the company you purchase the lobster from.

Does the return policy cover the entire order as well as shipping? Or just the order? These are things you need to know.


When making purchases online, it’s important that your information stays secure. If you ever make an order, make sure the url address is “https” instead of just “http.” This means the site is using a SSL certificate, which makes sure your information stays safe.

Check Reviews

Like any online store, reviews are one of the best ways to make a decision about who to purchase Maine lobster through. I suggest searching for company reviews on Yelp or Google Reviews. Also, many larger lobster distributors have Facebook pages, so take a look at the comments from happy (or unhappy) customers.

Do you have any suggestions when ordering Maine Lobster online? Let readers know in the comments below.